Q&A Online Payment 

Q: How will members pay?

A: Members can pay the membership fee by offline and online. Membership payments are automatically tracked and recorded in the Membership module. Invoices and receipts can also be easily generated for all membership items. However, before invoices can be generated, the option to generate membership invoices must be activated in the Finance Settings section located in the Organization Settings dropdown menu. Receipts will also be generated by default for all membership payments. They can be sent automatically after each purchase or manually, depending on the preferences you selected in the Finance Settings section. Membership invoices and payments can be found in the Finance section within the Membership module. Please refer to Processing Membership Payments, Invoices & Receipts for more information.


Q: What merchant processor does Glue Up use? Can Glue Up handle online QuickBooks Online payments?

A: Now Glue Up has Paygage, Stripe, Paygage Africa, AdaPay, Braintree, Alipay HK, PayPal and Flute. The Glue Up platform can also be integrated with Quickbooks Online.


Q: Are fees monthly or per transaction? Meaning will our deposits be net of fees or do they just bill us once a month for fees?

A: The fees is charged per transaction and the deposit is the net of fees.


Q: Deposit/Batch Reports

A: For Stripe, Payage and Adapay, clients can export the report from Glue Up platform, and our finance team can also help to make the payout summary for manually payout. Please reach out to finance@glueup.com for more support.


Q: Do invoices automatically renew or will we have to go in every month and create them?

A: Generate invoices for orders automatically: If this box is selected, an invoice will be automatically generated for each order submitted through the Glue Up platform. If not, the platform will not generate invoices unless you create a custom configuration for a particular order type. Scroll down to the Custom Configuration section to learn more


Q: Is there an online chat support or do we have to submit a ticket when we have sync errors?

A: We have support@glueup.com  to support all of clients, and there will be a Customer Success Manager who can help you when you have any questions.


Q: How to do refund? And the process is how to request?

A: For Paygage you can proceed refund on your Payagage account. For AdaPay, you can proceed on Glue Up platform, for the rest payment processor, please reach out to finance team and request a refund.


Q: How to set up the payment processor?

A: Braintree is a default payment to all accounts, so if you want to set up the other processor, please reach out to support or your Customer Success Manager.


Q: How to create the custom invoice

A: Please review Managing Custom Invoices for more details.


Q: If we do not have a company account, can we use online payment?

A: Online payment is only for business accounts, so personal accounts are not able to receive payments.


Q: If client on CN can receive payment currency except CNY? How can we receive the money?

A: Clients on CN can receive other currency except CNY, but the other currency can only be processed by Credit card, so the beneficiary account should receive money from overseas or provide and beneficiary account from overseas.


Q: How many currencies can stripe process? What is the currency of money we received?

A: Now Stripe can apply to these counties: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the currency has no limit, but the currency will be settled to the currency of this county.


Q: Can stripe be integrated with other payment processor?

A: Stripe cannot be integrated with other payment processors.


Q: For clients on .CN, what payment processor can choose?

A: Adapay+Braintree.


Q: For clients on .COM, what payment processor they can choose?

A: Braintree is the default gateway for all clients. If clients are in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, they can choose Stripe. If a client is in the United States, they can integrate Paygage. If clients from Africa, they can use Paygage Africa. For Alipay HK, it only apply for Hong Kong Clients. PayPal is also another choice for clients from Europe, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.


Q: How long will a refund happen? When can the payer receive the money?

A: Generally, finance team will proceed the refund within 3 working days, this time will extend for canceled events that have large quantities of payments. Once refunded, the money will be returned to the credit card within 3-10 working days, which depends on the payment processor and credit card processor.


Q: Will refund have any charges?

A: Refund process will not have any charges, but the processing fee when paid will refund or not depends on gateway’s refund policy. Please reach out to finance team.


Q: If the customer switches to Stripe, will they have PayPal?

A: No, Stripe is the only payment processor.


Q:  How can we receive the money through Glue Up platform?

A: For payment proceeded by Glue Up account, please provide the your bank account information to finance team finance@glueup.com, finance team will set up your bank account first, and the payout  summary will be sent out monthly for a confirmation, once confirmed, it will proceeded within 7-10 working days. The bank account information should include the following:

  • Beneficiary name:
  • Beneficiary address:
  • Bank name:
  • Bank account number.
  • Bank address:
  • Bank’s swift code:


About Paygage:

Q: How to set up Paygage account?

A:  Setting up a Paygage account requires coordination between you (the customer), your Glue Up Customer Success Manager and the Paygage team. As the customer you will need to complete your Paygage Application. Please note the three parts to the Standard Paygage Application below:


The Owner’s information

The Business information

The Bank Account details


Q: The Link to the Paygage Standard Application:

A: https://dashboard.paygage.us/signup/paygagestandard

Q: Can I put in an EIN after the account is set up?

A: Yes, the SSN is only needed for the application process.

Q: How do I get help with Paygage?

A: Reach out to your Glue Up Customer Success team member.

Q: How long is the application process?

A: Typically, under one week. Delays are most often caused by incomplete or inaccurate information.

Q: Can’t I just use Stripe or PayPal?

A: No, Glue Up does not integrate with those services in the United States.

Q: Can a partial refund be issued?

A: No, a partial refund cannot be granted. The first transaction must be refunded, and a new transaction must be initiated.

Q: What will appear on user bank statements?

A: Payout and Secondary Payout Descriptor will determine how payments appear on user bank statements.

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