My Glue App

The My Glue App helps you easily manage your membership profiles, view all event registrations, and read the newsletter that you have received throughout the organizations you’re in. In this article, we will guide you through how to navigate the My Glue App to find, manage, and update your membership profiles on your hands.

Download the Glue Up App

Before we begin, please search My Glue from the App Store or Google Play to download the app. Or, please click below links to quickly download the app from each store.
Go to App Store to Download the My Glue app | Go to Google Play to download the My Glue app


Enter My Glue App

After you download the Glue Up app, please open the application to begin. On the main screen, you have the option to log-in or register to create a new Glue Up account. Tap “Log-in” button to enter your existing Glue Up account’s email address and password to enter, if you don’t have the account yet, please tap “Register” to quickly create an Glue Up account, notably, if you are a member of an organization or have ever registered an event using the Glue Up platform, please make sure to create an account with the same email address as your membership, or the one you have used to registered for an event.

Access your virtual Membership Card and Manage your Membership Information

Once you have successfully log-in, please tap the “Me” menu at the bottom of the screen and select “Memberships” to access the list of virtual membership cards you have. In this screen, you can find all the memberships you have within the Glue Up platform, please tab on the membership card that you would like to make any adjustments.
image.jpg If you’re a part of Corporate membership, you will find two tabs

  • Information: In this tab, you can tap on the pencil icon at the top right corner of the screen to modify the information accordingly.
    • Important: If you’re a primary member of the corporate membership, you are able to edit Company Profile, Administrative Contacts, and your own profile information. If you’re not a primary member, you are only able to edit your own profile information
  • Members: In this tab, you can view all the members in your corporate membership.
    • Important: If you’re a primary member of the corporate membership, you are able to add and delete the member, transfer the primary member role, or resend the invitation email to each member respectively.