The Glue Up Membership module is an essential tool for organizations looking to streamline their membership processes and communicate with their members effectively. One important feature of this module is the ability to select the email notifications that are sent to members and also customize them.

Administrators have the ability to enable or disable different types of notifications, depending on the needs of their organization. This means that members will only receive the emails that are relevant to them, and they won’t be overwhelmed by unnecessary messages.


Enabling and Disabling Membership Automated Emails

The email notifications are very easy to configure and they can be accessed from the Membership Types section in “Membership Settings.”

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The Notification Settings section allows you to choose which notifications will be sent to your members by checking or unchecking boxes. This allows you to tailor the notifications to their specific interests and needs. For example, uncheck the box next to “membership renewal notifications” to prevent a member from receiving emails about membership renewals. Check the box next to “membership in grace period” to send them emails about their membership status. This ensures that your members receive the most relevant and useful information. Grayed-out boxes indicate that a particular email notification cannot be enabled or disabled.

In corporate memberships, here are what each column means:

  • Primary member: The primary member is the main member of an organization. This person may be the primary point of contact for the organization’s membership plan.
  • Members: Members are regular, non-primary members of an organization.
  • Admin contacts: Admin contacts are individuals who are not members of an organization but who are assigned to receive all notifications from Glue Up.

Note: You can enable or disable the Welcome Email and Platform Migration Email directly from the Membership System Email Templates section.