All membership system emails (e.g., membership migration emails, activation and expiration emails, etc.) can now be customized. While previously the content of these emails was uneditable, now you can replace those templates with your own personalized content.

How to Set Up your Customized System Emails

Click on the gear icon on the top right side of the screen, and under Membership Settings, select System Email Templates. Here, you can see all the emails that are sent out to the members at different stages of the membership process, including membership application, expiration, and renewal. To replace the default system email with your own personalized content, click on the three-dot button next to each email and select View & Edit Template.


  1. Select the default language for this email: the language of the email each recipient receives depends on their language settings.
  2. Enter the subject line and a preheader

Content & Design

In this section, you can customize the content of the email. Some elements in the template can’t be removed or altered because of the overall user experience.

Translation: you can translate the content of the system email for users using a language other than the default language
Preview in Browser: you can see a preview of how the email will look
Save: save your current progress
Save & Publish: save and publish the current content. After publishing, the new content will replace the generic default template.

Note: You can reset the template to the default system content by clicking on the three-dots button and selecting “Reset to Default”.

List of All Customizable Membership System Emails

  • Application Process Emails
    • Welcome Email 
    • Application Fee Awaiting Payment
    • Application Awaiting Approval
    • Application Awaiting Payment
    • Application Payment Instructions
    • Application Awaiting Activation
    • Membership Activated
    • Application Declined
    • Membership Canceled
  • Member Process Emails
    • Glue Up Platform Migration
    • Member Invitation Declined
    • Primary Member Changed
  • Expiration Process Emails
    • Membership Ending Soon
    • Membership Ending Soon with Recurring payment
    • Membership Expired
    • Grace Period Ending Soon
    • Grace Period Starting
    • Grace Period Expired
  • Renewal Process Emails
    • Renewal Awaiting Approval
    • Renewal Awaiting Payment
    • Renewal Awaiting Recurring Payment
    • Renewal Payment Instructions
    • Renewal Complete
    • Renewal Declined