Member Invitation Email is sent to the members:

  • imported during migration
  • added by the admin of the organization
  • added by the primary member of corporate membership


The main purpose of the ‘Invitation Email’ is to alert or remind the members to complete member details that someone else has pre-populated for them.

Nevertheless, it also has additional benefits:

  • helps a new member to set up an end-user account if they haven’t done it
  • notifies the member they are part of the membership now

Green icon next to the contact’s name indicates that a person has created and verified their My Glue account regardless of whether they have a membership or not. They might have created an account before they became a member.

The button ‘Resend Invitation Email’, if present, indicates the member has not confirmed details in the member form. The absence of the button indicates otherwise – the member has confirmed the details. Also, the button will be missing if the membership has expired.

Equally, green icon is represented by the filter ‘Registered User’ > ‘Yes’ and the option to resend invitation email is represented by the advanced filter ‘Verification Date’ > ‘is empty’.