The Organization (most likely a Chamber or an Association) you are a member of has migrated to Glue Up. Your membership does not change, but now you can also use the Glue Up platform to connect with their activities and communications. You just need to register your account on Glue Up as a member.

If you are not a member of an organization yet, how to apply for a membership

This only applies for non-members who wish to apply for a membership. If you are an employee of a company who is already a member of the organization, please refer to the below video of ‘Managing Member’. You might require the assistance of someone at your company to invite you, or reach to the organization staff.

If you are already a member, how to register an account on Glue Up?

If you have already been invited to join an organization, you will receive an invitation email branded with the logo and colors of the organization you are a member from to register an account on Glue Up and verify your member details.



Now, what can you find on My Glue (Desktop). Note that the below will depend on the functions that your organization is utilizing, and also may be limited to the rights you are granted.


Here is a detailed video on how to navigate our mobile app ‘My Glue’ intended for members, attendees and generally the community of a given organization who wishes to stay in touch.

Managing Membership information

Managing your Membership on My Glue: these include changing your profile information, and for Primary Members only editing company information, adding/removing other members. If you are not a primary member, you can only edit your own information.

If you need more information on how to manage your membership details, payments, application or renewals, reach out to the staff of the Organization you are a member of. If you struggle to find them, you can contact our team at Glue Up at indicating the organization you are a member of and the motive of your request, and we will help you to get in touch with the corresponding person.


Community and Direct Messaging (add-ons)

If the organization you are a member of has enabled the community, you will be able to access these additional features.