What is the Event Room?

The Event Room is a feature of the Glue Up Event Module that promotes interaction between event attendees. Participants can interact with each other by posting messages on a shared wall, sharing digital business cards, and ‘liking’ and commenting on each other’s posts. Each attendee will also be able to see profiles of other attendees and download documents that the organizers have shared for that event. In compliance with privacy laws, you control what information to show for each participant.

The Event Room is an add-on feature; if you have purchased this add-on, you can activate it upon creating an event. Alternatively, you can do so by selecting Event Community from the left-side panel on the Event Management page and then checking the “Activate event room” box.

Setting up your Event Room

You can customize when attendees access this event room and what information to show about each participant. To do that, click on Event Community on the Event Management page and scroll to the “Attendee Information Display” section.

You can choose to open the event room when you publish the event, one week before the event starts or when the event begins. Similarly, you can decide when to deactivate the event room.

Here, you are also able to choose what details to show about the participants. The attendee’s profile picture, name, company name, and title/position are shared by default. You can also add additional fields to display on attendee profiles.