Data Aggregation is a new feature relevant to Chapter Management that provides organization admins a better view of what is happening in their suborganizations (states and/or chapters) relevant to memberships. The Data Aggregation feature allows organization admins to quickly change the platform view to see relevant member data. To activate Data Aggregation, simply select the button next to ‘Data Aggregation’ on the top right side of the page once logged onto your Glue Up platform.

When the Data Aggregation feature is activated there will be a note on the page informing the organization admin that they are viewing aggregated data across their suborganizations. As you can see from the image below, all Membership Widgets are available for review via Data Aggregation.

The organization admin can view this aggregate data either in the Members section of the Membership module or in the Workflow Manager within the Membership module. Please read on to see the various actions that can be taken.


From the Members section, the org admin can take the following actions: Search, Filter, Export, Configure Column display. From the three dots next to a line item, the admin can View the Member Profile, Change Owner and/or Resend the Invitation Email.

From the Workflow Manager the org admin can Search, Export, Configure Column Display as well as select relevant dates. From the three dots next to a line item the org admin can View Details, Edit Membership or change owner. It is important to note that if you want to approve/decline a pending application from a state or chapter, you will need to navigate to that state or chapter account to do so. The Data Aggregation feature simply allows you to view what is pending approval in suborganizations.