Organizations can now manage their chapters/branches through the Glue Up platform. Each chapter has its own account on Glue Up through which they can publish events, manage memberships and send campaigns independently. Using this feature, big organizations can easily access, manage and pull data from their sub-organizations or chapters.


Hierarchical Structure


Depending on the structure of an organization, geographical location, and other factors, an organization can have two or three tiers. All sub-organizations and chapters fall under one central organization, also called the “umbrella organization“. Each sub-organization or chapter has its own admins or “team members”. Please note that a chapter admin can only access the chapter account.



How to access different chapters


For organizations that have purchased this feature, the module can be accessed by clicking on Chapter Management from the left-side panel. Depending on the organization’s structure (two or three-tiered), the view of the module differs. On the dashboard, each organization can see the combined statistics of all sub-organizations and chapters under it.



An admin can enter each chapter or sub-organization by clicking on the “log in” button next to them.


Data Aggregation

Data Aggregation is a new feature relevant to Chapter Management that provides organization admins a better view of what is happening in their suborganizations (states and/or chapters) relevant to memberships. The Data Aggregation feature allows organization admins to quickly change the platform view to see relevant member data.