Engage, network, and receive information on events, newsletters, memberships, and more from your smartphone!

How to use Glue Up mobile app?

  • Download the My Glue App on App Store or Google Play.
  • If you are a new user, register to My Glue, otherwise log in to your existing account.
  • Select the server to log in to, from our three options: .com (default), .cn, .ru
  • Start exploring Glue Up app!

Why Register an account on Glue Up?

  • Find all activities on a single platform.
  • Access your registrations to events
  • Get access to your member benefits 24/7 and manage your membership information independently

If you are not using My Glue, you are not enjoying all of your members benefits.


Personalize your Profile settings, including:

  • Profile information
  • Payment Methods
  • Notifications Preferences
  • Member Directory Visibility
  • Access to the community or Direct Messaging
  • Saved Business Cards

Access All Events information: Find updated information about your past and future events

  • Browse Event information and resources accessible 24/7 (Time & Venue, Speakers, Agenda,  Organizers, sponsors & partners)
  • See who else has registered for an event on the Event Community
  • Interact with the other attendees on the Live Event Wall

Manage your subscriptions and committees

  • Subscribe or unsubscribe to/from the subscriptions and committees available to you.
  • Check the received news, email campaigns directly from the app.

Manage your Membership

  • Manage your Renewals
  • Edit your virtual membership card
  • Browse the Membership Directory

Engage with your groups and community

Be part of the conversations of your community’s dashboard.

  • Find general information about your community and members
  • View your groups
  • Live wall
  • Membership Directory

Talk with other people! Develop lasting relationships with other members, and be part of the community!

1-on-1 Chats allow:

  • GIFs and Emojis
  • Media & Location Sharing
  • Meeting request
  • Custom Privacy Settings


Create and share your own digital business cards, save contacts of your interest, and effectively network with everyone no matter where they are.

  • Business Card Scanner
  • Personal QR-Code
  • Individual CRM