Adapay is a third-party payment processor that can be integrated with the Glue Up platform, allowing organizations to receive payments via WeChat Pay, Alipay, and Union Pay. The only supported currency for this payment gateway is the Chinese RMB. Charges per transaction for payments through Adapay are 0.68% (Adapay transaction fee) + 2% (Glue Up.)

Payment Settlement Options

  1. Daily Settlements: Payments are settled daily, and payouts are funded the next day. This option is beneficial because daily settlements allow the organization to receive payouts quickly and efficiently. 
  2. Delayed Settlements: 
    1. Payouts on Fixed Dates: This option allows the client to select a fixed day of the month for receiving payouts. Payouts are funded each month at 12:00 AM of the selected date. Payouts on the chosen date will be automatic, allowing the organization to track and reconcile payments easily.
    2. Manual Payouts: Payouts are manually scheduled as requested by the organization. This option allows the organization to request separate payouts for events and memberships.

Note: To request a payout when using the manual payout option, check the box next to the payment line item (multiple items can be selected simultaneously) and click on the “Payout” button.

Adapay Dashboard Overview

  1. Total Balance
  2. Payout Value
  3. Balance of Payouts on Hold
  4. Refunded Amount
  5. Search function: Payments can be searched by their Payment ID, Event ID, Payer’s name, etc.
  6. Filter function: Payment can be filtered according to Payment IDs, Payment Status, Date, or Payment Method.
  7. Export function: Can be used for reconciling payouts.


Processing Refunds

To refund a payment made via Adapay, click on the three-dots action button next to the line item and select “Refund.” Full and partial refunds are both supported for Adaypay transactions.