Continuing professional development (CPD) or Continuing professional education (CPE) is the ongoing process of developing, maintaining, and documenting professional skills.

Glue Up has an add-on feature that allows organizations to provide a certification workflow to increase efficiency and manage at scale educational programs and courses. You can design certificates, track the attendance of the course, validate credit points, and send notifications to qualified listeners of the course with the certificate in the attachment. For more details on the organization’s side of the add-on, please check this article.

My CPD/CPE in My Glue page

Any Glue Up user can access all their events and membership information from their My Glue page, which is the main portal for users to interact with organizations that use the Glue Up platform. For more information on My Glue, see this article.

If users attended a course hosted by an organization with the CPD/CPE add-on and had their credits validated, once the Certificate has been confirmed, approved or sent from admin side, users will receive notifications within Notification center, with an alert in the red circle icon on the top right of their My Glue page.


My Glue users can submit manually their own Accreditations and credits for tracking purposes, using the distinction icon in the top right of the My Glue page, under My Accreditation. 


To add a new accreditation, click the  +Add New Accreditation button and then they can add the following information:

  • Name of the Accreditation
  • Accreditation classification
  • Set the completion date
  • Set the total hours required

When your event attendees save the information, the accreditation is created they can regularly add credits.

By clicking on the +Add New Credit button, users are able to add credits with the following information:

  • Certificate Name
  • Description
  • Attended date
  • Credits obtained
  • Upload support file


Added credits will be displayed under the Accreditation page.

The Accreditation shows the progress based on the credits obtained, and can be edited and deleted.

Multiple Accreditation tabs can be added, based on Accreditation classification.


​As Glue Up is always reviewing and improving its features, a new enhancement was just released: the possibility to add multiple credits lines! Now all the uploaded credits for a single accreditation will be accumulated.

Stay tuned for more updates on enhancements!