Thank you so much for joining the third and final class of Glue Up Academy focused on the Email Campaign Module. Please, complete the below exam to get awarded the Event Management Certification. If you haven’t completed the previous exams yet, you can access the CRM Exam here and the Event Exam here.

We wish you good luck!

    1. Why configuring the DNS & Verified senders is important?
    The sender reputation depends on it. Without configuring it, all the email campaigns will be sent out from and most likely end up in spam folder of the recipient.The speed of campaign delivery depends on it.Email campaigns won’t sent out
    2. Can you use Gmail, Yahoo or other common email providers addresses to send out campaigns?
    3. Can you send an Event Invitation for the second time to the same recipients who already clicked on the first round of the campaign invitations?
    Yes and they will receive it againNo, as Event Invitations do not sent out to the ones who clicked (RSVP) on the first round of the campaign
    4. Do you need to manually add or import all the NEW attendees, members and registered users to Subscription lists every time?
    Yes, this is the only optionNo, you can enable to automatically subscribe all the new attendees, members and registered users for each subscription list
    5. What is the difference between Subscription and Committee lists?
    You can link Committee lists to Events as working groupsNo difference
    6. Why emails end up in the Bounced list?
    the email address is invalid (there might be a typo)corporate email filtering policy blocks the content as non-work relatedrecipient’s server blocks sender email address as untrustedall of the above
    7. What happens if you delete emails from Bounced list?
    They will be removed from the Bounced list and you can go ahead send campaigns to themThey will be removed from the Bounced list and the Contacts (CRM database)I can’t delete emails from Bounced list
    8. How to attach a document or video to email?
    by using the Logo element in the campaignby using the Link element in the campaignby using the Button element in the campaign and selecting File to upload or Link to insert
    9. Can you copy General Survey’s URL and share it anywhere I want?
    Yes, I can copy the general surveys’ URL after you draft itYes, unlike the event surveys, general surveys’ URL can be copied and only when the survey is Active.No, there is no URL that can be copied
    10. CC list is a list where you can add key members of your team, partners, sponsors or other contacts and keep them in the loop of the campaign.
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