Thank you so much for joining us earlier at the CRM Module course. Here’s the exam you need to complete to get awarded an Event Management Certification.

Good luck!

    1. What is the unique identifier for Contacts and Companies?
    for Contacts - email address, for Companies - company namefor Contacts - mobile phone, for Companies - company namefor Contacts - email address, for Companies - company ID
    2. How to add new contacts to the platform?
    Add manually one by one from Contacts sectionImport an Excel file from Contacts sectionAll the above
    3. Can you overwrite existing contacts information during import?
    4. What are the most common reasons for the import to fail?
    The file contains duplicated contactsThe email addresses format is incorrectThe email address was not insertedAll the above
    5. What’s the difference between contact and smart lists?
    Smart list is based on a certain criteria/Contact list combines different contacts not necessarily based on any common criteriaContact list is dynamic and Smart list is static
    6. How to create a smart list?
    Filter the existing contacts based on a certain criteria and press “Save as a smart list”Select 2 or more contacts and merge it into one listPress on “Create a smart list” and add/import any contacts
    7. Can all team members import and export contacts?
    Yes, everyone who’s added as a team memberNo, it depends on the roles and permissions of each team member
    8. What is section Opportunities used for?
    To track sales and sponsorship opportunitiesTo track potential membership opportunitiesAll of the above
    9. Can Tasks to team members be created from My Tasks?
    Yes, only from My TasksNo, also from Contacts, Events and Memberships modules
    10. What does a green icon next to user’s profile name mean?
    The user has registered My Glue accountThe user is a memberThe user is a speaker
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