Glue Up Organization Website

What is Glue Up Organization Website

Glue Up Organization website is where all the events, membership types and subscriptions that you create on the platform will appear publicly. It’s visible to end users and updated automatically, as long as you do not mark those elements as ‘private’, you can conveniently share your Glue Up activities with users who have not registered an account yet on a branded sleek landing page. As soon as we open a Glue Up organization account for you, a Glue Up Organization website is created as well.

Note that this page is not meant to replace your official website.

You can access your Glue Up Organization website from your Home dashboard as shown on the screenshot below:

How to Customize Glue Up Organization Website

We suggest you to start with the Organization profile settings to customize your Glue Up Organization website.

General Information

Organization Information has two fields, one is “Organization Name” which will appear above the sidebar. The other field is where you can write an introduction for your organization, which will appear on your organization website under “About Us” section.

Public Organization Website: you can add your specific postfix here to customize your Glue Up Organization website address.


The users can upload their logo on a desktop and mobile separately, and set up a default color which will apply to the organization website accordingly, as well as to system emails.

Here, you may also add their social media links to the organization website.

The links will be displayed in the Contact tab under Follow Us section as well as in the bottom of the Organization website:

Once you land on the Glue Up Organization website, in the right top corner, you’ll see a Language button that allows you to switch to a different language supported on Glue Up. If you are logged in into your Glue Up profile, you’ll be able to access your Profile & Settings, go back to the Organization Dashboard (if you’re a team member of this organization), switch to another organization that you are part of, and change the language or log out by pressing on the profile photo as shown below:

Glue Up Organization Website Overview


On the Events tab you’ll find all the Upcoming & Past events ever published by this organization, you can view them in a List or in Calendar view, and filter by Event Tags:


Press on a certain event to get redirected to the respective Event website.


Switch to the Membership tab to learn more about the Memberships that this organization offers and to apply for one of them.

On the right side, you’ll see the section called “Latest News”, which corresponds to the latest campaigns that were targeted to you.


Switch to the Subscriptions tab to see the public Subscriptions available to you, and to subscribe or unsubscribe:


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email us at