Speed Networking is a type of event that takes networking to a whole new level by making it more efficient, effortless, and fun. During this event, you will be matched with other attendees for short one-on-one video chats, where you can meet, greet, exchange digital business cards and take the first step in making a new professional contact. You can join a Speed Networking event both on a desktop (works best with Chrome) or through the My Glue app (Android and iOS).

Please note that VPN users and/or those using headphones may have issues connecting to a Speed Networking Event.

Smart Networking: Smart Networking utilizes Smart Matching technology to match you with others included in your Speed Networking Event based on criteria you choose. Please continue onto the body of this article for more details on Smart Networking and Smart Matching technology.

Smart Networking

While in the previous version, the platform would randomly match attendees for a short one-on-one video call, now matching can be based on a set of criteria which you choose.

How to use ‘Smart Matching’?

After creating your Speed Networking event on the platform, click on Matching Options under Registration Settings on the Event Management page. Then, under Matching Type, select ‘Smart Matching’.

At this point, you can start adding the rules on which basis the matching happens. This configuration is based on the fields that you have added to your registration form, ticket types, and attendee categories. The platform marks the fields that you use for matching on the registration form.

For each ‘rule’, using the dropdown menu, select a field from the registration form and then choose the matching criteria, e.g., match similar, match opposite, etc. Checking the ‘Strict Rule’ box means that the event will end If there are no matches for this rule. Otherwise, the matching will revert back to being random if there are no matches for the rule. You can always remove a rule by clicking on the trash icon.