Troubleshooting CRM and Membership Bulk Import    


In order to ensure a successful bulk import of contacts and memberships into Glue Up, it is important to properly format and clean up your data. Here are some tips to help you with this process:

  1. Clean up your data in Excel
    • Follow the top-10 ways to clean up your data in Excel: Link here
    • Watch helpful tutorials on cleaning up data in Excel: Link (1); Link (2)
  2. Follow the rules in the HelpDesk articles
    • For articles related to importing Contacts: click here
    • For articles related to importing Memberships: click here
  3. Download industry/country/currency codes
    • Download the industry/country code answer key.
      Find Country code- here
      Find Industry code- here
    • Find Currency code- here
    • This currency list is only important if you list your memberships in different currencies. If the Memberships operate in a single currency, you don’t need to indicate it because it will default to the only currency you offer.
  4. Proper format for phone numbers
    • The phone number format should be as follows: (+)(country code)(space)(free format)…(extension), e.g. +86 10 XXXXXXX ext. 123
  5. Proper format for email addresses
    • Ensure that there is only one email address in each cell, in the proper format, e.g. ‘’
    • Improper format includes:
      • Spaces in between letters
      • Spaces in the beginning/end
      • ; / ‘ < >
      • No @ symbol
      • Double @ symbols, e.g.
    • Use filters in Excel to identify improper email address formats.
  6. Distinguish between default and custom fields for Industry and Country
    • Industry default field uses a fixed code for import, e.g. CONST for Construction, and is never longer than 6 characters.
    • Industry custom field uses a custom code for import and the answer key should always be downloaded in the Field Setting. Use the following formula to match the actual value before importing: [=VLOOKUP(X;A:A;2;0)], where X is the number of the cell the reference for which you are looking for.
    • Country default field uses a fixed ISO code, e.g. US for USA or CN for China, and usually matches the website extension of that country.
    • Country custom field uses a custom code for import and the answer key should always be downloaded in the Field Setting. Use the following formula to match the actual value before importing: [=VLOOKUP(X;A:B;2;0)].
  7. Proper format for Function and Role fields

    • Function and Role fields also use fixed codes (check here for more information).
  8. Proper format for custom single/multiple/cascading choice fields
    • Always download the Answer Key and match the actual value before importing.
  9. Clear formats from the whole spreadsheet
  10. Date and other field formats: Import the date and all other fields in text format, using the formula =TEXT(A2,YYYY-MM-DD).
  11. Missing names in membership imports: If the First and Last Name fields are missing in a membership import, they can be replaced with ‘-‘.
  12. Avoid importing ‘0’: Do not import ‘0’, as it will not display but will still mark the field as not empty.
  13. Mapping ID format: Mapping ID can only contain numerical values and cannot start with ‘0’.
  14. Remove empty columns: Remove any empty columns, as they may contain values that are not displayed.
  15. No formulas: Make sure there are no formulas behind the values in the spreadsheet (paste as values).
  • Note: There is a difference between the CRM (Contacts Module) and Membership import, but following the Membership formatting rules will always result in a successful import.


Membership Import: Chapter Inclusion

To import memberships that are associated with multiple chapters, be sure to use the import template provided by Glue Up. If you are using the Chapter Inclusion feature, the template will have two additional columns that allow you to select which chapters each membership is associated with, as well as which chapter is set as the primary chapter.