An application fee is a one-time fee paid by the person enrolling into the organization as a member. Previously the application fee could only be paid together with the membership first-year fee. Check here to learn how to configure membership types.

The new feature allows future members to pay the application fee and membership fee separately. Organizations will benefit from this feature as they will be able to cover the document processing fee regardless of whether the application is declined or confirmed going forward.

To begin collecting an application fee separately, go to the settings of the membership type ‘Price Configurations’ and make sure you have set up the application fee previously.


At the next step in ‘Workflow settings’ enable ‘Require approval for all applications’ and ‘Require payment for application fee separately’. You must enable approval to be able to collect the application fee prior to collecting the membership fee.

Important! If you have not set up the application fee previously in ‘Price Configurations’, please, create a membership type version first. Membership type version in this specific case will only be in effect for future applications.

Emails are sent on different occasions to the future members after they have applied for the membership with the application fee paid in advance.

  1. The fee has been submitted successfully online or added offline by the organizer
  2. The fee is awaiting payment offline and payment instructions are sent
  3. The application has been declined at the stage of awaiting an application fee payment offline

If invoices are set up to be generated automatically, the application fee invoice and receipt will be issued separately from the membership fee invoice and receipt but will follow the ‘Membership Application’ numeration and settings.

Conveniently track the payments for the application fee in ‘Activities’ and Finance

Important! Free memberships cannot have an application fee. Please, make sure to set up both the application fee and membership fee if you want to collect them separately. You can still collect the application fee and membership fee at once if you don’t check the box ‘Require payment for application fee separately’.