Congratulations on signing up a new customer! Now it is time for Finance Team to send an invoice, collect the payment and inform Customer Success Team to take over and kick off the onboarding. To proceed we firstly need some basic information about the customer you have signed.

Important: If this is concerning an existing customer (Renewal, Add-on or Allowance Increase), please use Renewals & Add-ons Form instead.


Since January 26, 2021, all customers have to settle their invoices for the services according to the agreement that has been signed. Onboarding can’t start until the payment for the first year has been cleared. For exemptions from this rule, please seek written approval from Nikki or Eric and share it via the submission email you will receive when you submit the form. Your assistance in getting the payment settled is much appreciated.

    About You
    Your Name
    Your Email Address
    Basic Information About Customer
    Organization Name
    Organization Name (in Chinese)
    Client's Website (Please add http:// or https:// )
    Communication language (Customer Success to Client)
    Name of client's Decision Maker (Owner)
    Name of client's Project Manager
    Email of client's Project Manager
    Phone number of client's Project Manager
    About the Account We Will Be Creating
    Which solution is customer buying from us?
    What type of account is this?
    Notice 1: If this is a renewal or an add-on, fill in Renewal & Add-on Form instead. Notice 2: If this is a Trial Account, you will need an explicit written approval from Eric or Nikki before onboarding can start.
    Which server should the account be created on?
    What is the main language of the organization?
    Has account been already created?
    Will customer collect money using Glue Up? Online transaction
    Bank account details: It should include: Name on Account, Account Number, Bank Name, Bank Address, and Swift/BIC Code:
    CRM Contact Allowance (Total)
    Offline Event Allowance (per Year)
    Online Event Allowance (per Year)
    Email Allowance (per Year)
    Attendee Allowance (per Offline Event)
    Attendee Allowance (per Online Event)
    Authorized User Allowance (Total)
    Which add-ons/integrations has customer purchased? (choose all applicable)
    1.Chapter Management2.Dedicated IP Address for Emails3.DNS Setup4.Dedicated Subdomain & API Access5.Website Solution6.Google Analytics7.Xero Integration8.QuickBooks Integration9.White-label My Glue App10.Custom Event Template11.Attendee Chat for My Glue App12.Zoom - Basic Integration13.Webinar Engagement Solution - Advanced Zoom integration14.Webinar Engagement Solution - Our own Agora-powered WES15.Community Engagement Package16.Paygage Gateway17.Stripe Gateway18.CPD/CPE Credits19.Speed Networking20.Surveys
    If the customer purchased Dedicated Subdomain, what is their desired name of the subdomain?
    If the customer purchased Speed Networking, type: 1) # of events purchased 2) # of attendees 3) airtime allowance
    If the customer purchased Surveys, type how many of them
    Support Level
    Which support package has customer purchased?

    Important Dates
    Contract start date
    Contract end date
    Desired go live date
    Other Information About the Customer
    Client Background and History - Please include any information that may be relevant for the onboarding, such as relationship history, previous sign-up issues, and specific client requests. Details about current level of platform exposure or software currently used by the organization as well as important deadlines should be mentioned here.
    What solution has client been using before Glue Up?
    Intended use case - Please describe how is this customer planning on using Glue Up. This information will help Marketing and CS teams prepare success story.
    Sponsorship Benefits - Please copy & paste sponsorship benefits that have been agreed with the customer. If not applicable, type NA.
    Invoicing and other instructions for Finance Team - When should the invoice be payable? Who should it be addressed to? List all important invoicing and payment details to help secure a smooth payment collection and your commission payout.
    Total First Year Value of the Contract (or whole value in case of One-off Event)
    Your link to the agreement in PandaDoc - Important: this should be a link to the document that doesn't require login and opens the document diretly

    Check your email for the copy of the submission.