Under this section, the default category is an organizer, you can further edit this category and company within this category by clicking the pencil.

As for below, you can click the pencil icon to upload logo, and edit the company name, website and description.

What happens if you tick track sponsorship value details? It will trigger a block to collect information for its sponsorship as currency, value and note. As well, you can hide this sponsor from an event web page.

The user can create a new category as customized one.

After hitting the button as” Create Category”, you can manage the category of sponsorship for your organization.

As well set up the size of the logo to upload, or add with searching through CRM or manually put them information to each field.

All the sponsors and partners you have added will be saved under CRM > Company > All Event Sponsors.

All the categories created can edit, delete or drag by clicking the icons on the right of blue bar. The organizer category cannot be deleted. For each category, you can add organization by clicking the button at the bottom of each category.