Importing Contacts in Bulk

Migrating your data to Glue Up is a major milestone to improve your usage of the platform and what you can get out of it. Follow our step-by-step guide below to import contacts into the platform:

Adjust the platform’s CRM contact form

  1. Click the gear icon ⚙️ located in the platform’s top navigation bar > From the Settings dropdown > CRM Settings column >  CRM Forms.
  2. In the Contact Form tab, drag and drop any existing field you want to add to the CRM contact form.
  3. If you need more information on how to set up your CRM module, refer to this article first.

Formatting your Excel file

  1. Go to the CRM module’s Contact section and click the export icon to download an Excel file that contains the categories you need to prepare your upload  > on pop-up window, choose the fields you wish to import > Click on the ‘Download’ button
  2. On the Excel file > Delete unnecessary contact data > keeping the column headers.
  3. Add contact information you want to import (one CRM contact per row, no empty rows)
  4. Select all cells in your Excel sheet, and use the clear all hyperlinks function and formats function (filters / colors / formulas / etc.)
    • The only required field to create a contact is the email address, this cannot be missing
    • Phone numbers must contain a country code with a + followed with a space before the rest of the phone number (e.g. ‘+34 2025555555’)
    • All default country and industry fields (if you use Glue Up’s industry field) must contain data according to the related two-character reference codes. Click here to view the list of country and industry reference codes.
    • Single choice or Multiple choice fields will have to replaced by the ‘answer list’ prior to import (check below video)

Important: If you need assistance to import files, please contact your CS rep, or alternatively

Importing your Excel file

  1. Go to the CRM module’s Contact section.
  2. Ensure the list selector that defaults to All Contacts is set to the proper list. If you want to upload your contacts in a way where they will be grouped into the whole CRM database, select All Contacts. If you want to import contacts into a specific list, select that particular Contact list in the list selector’s dropdown options (the CRM contacts will be visible under the list and always under ‘All Contacts’).
  3. Click the down arrow that is part of the +Add Contact button and select Import Contacts.
  4. Identify and select your Excel file, select the headers and select one of the following data import options:
    • Do Not Overwrite Any Related Data
      • Here you can choose to exclude existing empty fields information
    • Overwrite Any Related Data

5. After selecting this information, click in the Finish Import button. You can find anytime the history of imports from Settings > Import/Export History (related article).