You can now take bulk action for Applications in the Workflow Manager of the Memberships Module. This enables the Membership Manager (admin user) to approve or deny pending applications all at once, as opposed to one at a time.

In the Awaiting Approval tab of the Application section of the Workflow Manager check the little box next to Application ID # to select all pending applications OR check the little box next to each individual Application ID # to manually select pending applications to approve.


Once you have selected the applications that you would like to bulk approve (or decline) go to the blue Approve button. From here you can either approve or decline the selected applications all at the same time.


It is important to note that when bulk approving applications you cannot edit the membership type.


However, you can edit the membership type when approving membership applications one at a time.


In the Awaiting Activation tab of the Workflow Manager you can take similar action to bulk activate pending members. Please see the below screenshot for reference.


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