Tracking profit & loss for an individual event

Event profit and loss information can be tracked for each event you create with the Glue Up platform. All revenue for event registrations and sponsorships is automatically tracked. Revenue and expenses for other spending categories can also be added manually.

Note: Only a team member who has access to both the Finance and Event modules can view and export profit and loss data.


Managing event revenue and expenses

When inside an event, you can track all revenue and expenses in the Profit & Loss subsection, located within the event’s Finance section. (The Finance section for the event is not the Finance module.) When in the Profit & Loss subsection, you can click on any of the rows to view more information about a particular category.

You can manually add revenue or an expense by clicking the +Add Revenue link or +Add Expense link. All items that are added manually can be edited by clicking on any of the pencil icon, or deleted by clicking on the x icon in the related row.

Exporting event profit & loss information

Click the export icon to download all revenue and expense information for your event. You will then receive a system message in your inbox notifying you the export file is ready to download. When you click the Download Now button, you will be redirected to the Export History section in Organization Settings. Click the name of your document to begin the download and save the Excel file to your device.