The new event template Cappuccino is ideal for your flagship events, which includes a countdown timer, customizable footer, menu layout, session tags and more will allow you to publish a breathtaking event page!


After you select the Cappuccino from 02. Publish – Layout & Design, Cappuccino offers you special options such as Update Menu Structure, which allows you to customize the event website’s menu and footer structure. And Session Tags, which will allow you to add the tags in Agenda’s session. And tags will display on your event agenda including the filter option, which will help your attendees to find a session by using a specific session tag.


To customize the menu and footer layout, please go to 02. Publish – Layout & Design section and click the Update Menu Structure button to enter the Menu Editor page.


In this page, you can simply drag and drop the Sections, Pages, Anchors, or Combo items in each Section block.

You can:

  • Reset: You can reset the menu layout that you have been creating after you click on the Reset button, the changes will not be saved, and the menu structures will be set back to the default layout.
  • Preview: You can preview the event website, by clicking the preview button.
  • + Add Section: You can add a new section by typing the name of the section.

The menu structure updates will apply to the Menu and the footer of the event website.

Create and Add a Session Tag

To add a session tag in Agenda, first, you need to create a session tag.

To create a session tag, please click the gear icon at the top right of the page, Click Tags in the Event Settings.

In the Tags section, please switch to the Session Tags tap, click on the +Add Session Tag button and type session tag name and session tag description. You can also click on the pencil icon to edit the existing tag, click the trash icon to remove the existing tag and click the translation icon to translate the tag into another language.

Important: Removing or editing the session tags will be removed and edited from all your event session as well.

After you have created the session tag, you can now add a session tag when creating Agenda.