Previewing and reviewing your draft campaigns

Ensuring your campaigns get delivered just the way you want is absolutely essential. The preview and review functions help ensure your recipient list, layout, design, and other campaign components are accurate and properly prepared.  When previewing your draft campaigns also make sure to look at other articles such as Creating a campaign as well as Scheduling, rescheduling, and unscheduling campaign.  These articles will be very helpful when setting up your campaigns.

Previewing your email campaign

image.jpg You can preview your campaigns in your browser or by sending a sample to your inbox. During the campaign setup process, a Preview In Browser button is located in the top-right of the screen to quickly see your preview. If you want to deliver a sample campaign via email, click the down arrow that is part of the Preview In Browser button and select Send Email Preview.
Best Practices Checklist:

  • Check the quality of your images.
  • Check the design and formatting.
  • Ensure all text has been corrected for errors.
  • Ensure all links connect to the proper locations.


Reviewing and sending your campaign

The final review step in the campaign setup process lets you quickly view what’s missing and determine if any items need additional edits. The campaign review list is divided into eight critical components, each linking directly to the related campaign setup step. Click on any of the components to go to the respective setup step and make edits.