Organizations that have integrated Paygage as their payment gateway on Glue Up can now see detailed reports on the payments and payouts directly through the platform. This update makes the process of tracking payments and charged fees a lot easier and more accessible. In order to see these payment details your account must be successfully integrated with Paygage.


Where to find the payment details

Select the Finance Module from the left-hand panel and click on Payments On this page, you can find all payments made through the platform in one place. For online payments through Paygage, you can additionally see the transaction fee charged, the net revenue, the gateway transaction ID and the Payout ID for each transaction.

By clicking on each item, you will see a sidebar with all payment details related to that transaction. Payment details include the amount paid by the member/event attendee, transaction fees, net revenue, etc.


You can filter the list of payments and search for specific transactions by clicking on the filter icon and using the “Gateway Transaction#” or “Payout ID” filters. All displayed data can be exported by clicking on the export icon.

Gateway Transaction#

Click on the transaction ID under the Gateway Transaction # column to see the transaction amount, payment date, payout date, etc., in detail.


Payout ID

By clicking on the Payout ID, you can see the amount, the date when the payout was initiated, and the estimated time of payout arrival. This way, you can easily stay on top of things by knowing when your next payout is.

Paygage Reporting

Clicking on the green “Paygage Reporting” button opens the Paygage dashboard, where you can see all transaction and payout histories under two separate tabs. Transactions can be filtered by date and their current status. Payouts can be filtered by their status, the date when they were initiated, and their estimated arrival date. The information displayed under each tab can be exported by clicking on the export icon.

You can see your balance on top of the screen. Pending balance is the amount that is still not available for payout. Available balance shows the amount that is ready and is being processed for payout. Once all payouts are completed, both pending balance and available balance will be back to zero.



If you have any questions about the Paygage dashboard or Paygage integration, please contact us at support@glueup.com.