Do you think you know the Glue Up platform in and out? Find out by taking the Glue Up Product Test that examines your knowledge in each module of our all-in-one platform.

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    CRM Module
    1. Is it possible to merge multiple contacts and companies?
    2. What does a green badge next to a user’s profile photo mean?
    This user is a member of the respective organizationThis user is registered on Glue Up platformThis user’s account is registered, but not verifiedThis user is a Sponsor of the respective organization
    3. Where to find the contacts and companies membership information in CRM module?
    In Membership section of the CRM moduleIn each contact’s and company’s individual CRM profile
    4. How to create a contact list? Choose the correct actions:
    Go to CRM module Contacts section/press on “All contacts”/press on “Add new contact list”Go to CRM module Contacts section/Select multiple contacts/Press on the action button/Create a contact list
    5. In order to create a smart list, you should:
    Select 2 or more contacts with the same owner/Merge the selected contacts into one Smart listFilter the existing contacts based on a certain criteria/Press “Save as a Smart list”Import an Excel list of contacts/Group the imported contacts/Press “Create a Smart list”
    6. What is the difference between Contact list and Smart list?
    Smart list is based on a certain criteria/Contact list combines different contacts not necessarily based on any common criteriaContact list is dynamic and Smart list is static
    7. What is the mandatory field that has to be filled in when you’re importing Contacts?
    Profile photoFirst nameE-mail AddressDate of BirthOccupation
    8. How can you add new contacts to the platform? Mark the wrong answer:
    You can add contacts manually one by oneYou can import a Word document with no more than 100 contactsYou can import an Excel file with unlimited amount of contacts
    9. Which of these default opportunity stages on the platform can’t be deleted?
    Pre-qualified/QualifiedNegotiation/PropositionClosed Won/Closed Lost
    10. Please, select the field types that are available on Glue Up platform
    Single choice fieldMultiple choice fieldSocial media profileAll of the above
    Event Management Module
    1. How to add the approval stage if we would like to review the attendee information before the attendee pays for a ticket?
    Enable “One ticket per registrant”Enable “Include e-ticket for the confirmation e-mail”Enable “Attendee approval required”
    2. Can I set specific start and end date for registrations?
    3. Is there an automatic event reminder that sends out before the event? If yes, when does it go out?
    Yes, 24 hours before the event startsYes, 48 hours before the event starts by default but you can edit, delete or add more remindersNo, there is no automatic reminder
    4. What is event community?

    5. Can you create different registration forms per ticket types?
    6. How to cancel attendee’s ticket?

    7. If the attendee has chosen to pay via bank transfer, where do I update the payment status?

    8. What templates are recommended for large events?
    Cappuccino and Stroopwafel FrappuccinoCafe Mocha and EspressoCappuccino and Cafe Cubano
    9. Can I un-publish an event?
    10. Can you register the attendee directly from the Manager app? (When the non-registered attendee walks in to the event)
    Email Marketing Module
    1. Can you skip Domain Sender settings (DNS setup)? Why yes/no?
    Yes, I can skip that, nothing will happenNo, I can't skip it because my sender's reputation will not be good and some emails will go to spam
    2. Can you use Gmail, Yahoo or other common email providers addresses to send out campaigns?
    3. Where do the 3 lines of code need to inserted to complete the Domain Sender (DNS) setup?
    On Glue Up platformI need to ask my DNS provider to help me set up Domain sender settings
    4. What is the difference between Subscription list and Committee list?
    I can link Committees lists to Events as working groupsNo difference
    5. Where can you manage (remove, add, import) subscribers?
    In the Campaigns moduleIn the CRM module under a specific subscription (committee) list
    6. What is the campaign template for?
    I can create multiple campaigns with the same structure of the content and design if I choose a campaign templateI can choose ready-made content and design, so I don’t need to create my own content but can use the one provided by Glue Up
    7. In case the number of Unique recipients is different from the Total number of recipients, what is the reason?
    I have the same recipient emails in multiple listsI chose Contact lists instead of Subscription lists
    8. What is the Preview text function in the Draft Campaign Settings tab for?
    It’s a description of campaign contentIt’s a line of text right under the subject of the email in the recipient’s mailboxIt's a way to preview how the campaign looks in the browser
    9. Which measurement includes the number of the previously Hard Bounced emails that you keep as recipients of your campaigns?
    10. Why is it that you can't find some names in the list of recipients when sending the second or another round of Event Invitations?
    I chose a number of Contact lists from CRM, but to send invitations you need to choose the default list “All invitations”Those recipients have responded to the first round of Event Invitation with “I will attend”/“No” or already registered for the event
    Membership Management Module
    1. Can I change my current member's membership type from Individual to Corporate, or from Corporate to Individual?
    2. What is the Workflow Manager - Member Validation list?
    It's a request from a corporate member who wants to add additional memberIt's an additional member that the primary member has addedIt's an individual member who applies for the second membership
    3. Can I have a different Invoice number for Membership applications and Membership renewals?
    4. What is pro-rated membership pricing?
    A discount for existing members who are renewing their membershipAn exclusive membership for C-level executivesA custom pricing depending on time when new members purchase the membership in a given yearProgressive pricing where memberships get more and more expensive over time
    5. How to create a free membership type?
    To not write the price when creating the membership typeTo not select the currency when creating the membership typeIt's not possible to make a free membership type
    6. Can I cancel membership of my members?
    7. Which page do you need to go to update the payment status of the new applications?
    Membership - DashboardMembership - MembersMembership - Workflow Manager - ApplicationMembership - Workflow Manager - Add-on Requests
    8. Can I provide complimentary membership to new members and current members in a renewal process?
    9. Which page do you need to go to change the corporate member's primary member?
    Membership Profile - Activities TimelineMembership Profile - Finance DetailsMembership Profile - Membership DetailsMembership Profile - Members
    10. Does Administrative contact have access to the Membership profile via MyGlue Up?
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