Glue Up Platform Navigation

Glue Up is releasing improved platform navigation Monday, July 16, 2018. Changes between the old navigation and the new navigation bars are described below.

Primary Navigation Bar

Triple Bar Icon

Click the triple bar icon in the top left to open and close the navigation bar. Closing the navigation bar allows you to create more space on the right side of the screen.


Changes to the CRM module

CRM Settings has moved to Admin Settings – CRM Settings.

Inactive Contacts has moved to Campaigns – Suppression Lists section.


Changes to the Events module

Event Settings has moved to Admin Settings – Events Settings.


Changes to the Campaigns module

Sender Settings has moved into to Admin Settings – Campaigns Settings.

Templates has moved to Admin Settings – Campaigns Settings.


Changes to the Membership module

Membership Manager is now known as Workflow Manager.

Membership Setup has moved to Admin Settings – Membership Settings.


Changes to the Finance module

Finance Settings has moved to Admin Settings – Other Settings.



Admin Settings

The Admin Settings dropdown menu is located in the top right and can be accessed by clicking the double gear icon. The dropdown menu is divided into six primary components: Account Settings, CRM Settings, Event Settings, Campaign Settings, Membership Settings, and Other Settings. Once in the settings area, Finance Settings, Archives, and Export History can also be quickly accessed when using the sidebar navigation.


Account Settings

The Account Settings section is divided into four subsections: Profile, Team Members, Roles & Permissions and Widgets.

  • Profile: Edit your organization’s general information such as logos and social media links.
  • Team Member: Manage your organization’s team members who have the access to the platform.
  • Roles & Permissions: Add, delete, and edit roles and permissions for team members.
  • Widgets: Customize your event, membership, subscription and log-in widgets which can be embedded on your official website.

CRM Settings

The CRM Settings section is divided into three subsections: Fields, Opportunity Types, and Import History.

  • Fields: Determine the information you want to track in the CRM module.
  • Opportunity Types: Add opportunity types you want to save in the Opportunity section of the CRM module.
  • Import History: View document names, file statuses, inserted contacts, failed contacts, authors, and import dates for files uploaded to the platform.

Event Settings

The Event Settings section is divided into four subsections: Blueprint, Template, Venues, and Tags.

  • Blueprints: Create and manage event blueprints to quickly publish an event.
  • Templates: Create and manage event templates to ensure brand consistency for your event.
  • Venues: Save frequently used event locations.
  • Tags: Add, edit or delete event tags to sort your events.

Campaign Settings

The Campaign Settings section is divided into two subsections: Sender Settings and Templates.

  • Sender Settings: Edit any sender email addresses used when delivering email campaigns.
  • Templates: Create and manage campaign templates to ensure brand consistency for your email campaigns.

Membership Settings

The Membership Settings section is divided into four components: General Information, Membership Types, Application Form, and Import.

  • General Information
    • Introduction: Edit the information you want displayed in the memberships section of your organization’s public Glue Up website.
    • Public Contacts: Edit the public contact information of the person responsible for your organization’s membership program.
    • Payment Options: Select the available currencies and payment options people can use when making membership-related purchases.
    • Member Directory: Choose whether you want to publicly display your member database.
  • Membership Types: Manage your organization’s membership types.
  • Application Form: Customize your organization’s membership application forms.
  • Import: Import existing member data. An Excel sheet sorted by category allows you to manually upload member information in bulk.

Other Settings

The Other Settings section is divided into three components: Finance Settings, Archives and Export History. These areas can also be quickly accessed when using the sidebar navigation.

  • Finance Settings: Configure your preferred financial workflow settings for orders processed with the platform.
  • Archives: View any events and campaigns you’ve archived.
  • Export History: View lists and download files previously exported from platform.



Event Navigation

Changes to 01. Setup 

Event Settings tabs have been relocated to the left side bar under Event Settings:

  • General Settings
  • Payment Options
  • Registration Form
  • Community

Changes to 02. Publish 

Content tabs have been relocated to the left side bar under Content:

  • Summary
  • Speakers
  • Agenda
  • Venue
  • Sponsors & Partners
  • Documents

Changes to Finance Section

Finance tabs have been relocated to the left side bar under Finance:

  • Profit & Loss
  • Payments
  • Invoices


Adding New Items

You can now click on the + icon in the top right to quickly add or create items in the platform. Available options include:

  • Add Contact
  • Add Company
  • Add Opportunity
  • Add Campaign
  • Add Event
  • Add Application


Contacting Glue Up

You can now click on the comment bubble icon to access this online HelpDesk or get in touch with the Customer Success team via email.