My Tasks

We have released a new module – My Tasks. It combines tasks from CRM, Events, Memberships modules into one. You can now assign tasks to your team members across all the modules.

The number of uncompleted tasks assigned to you will be shown next to the module in a red circle.

You can

  • Switch the views to My Tasks, Tasks Created By Me, All Tasks.
  • Filter by Categories: General (added from My Tasks), CRM, Event, Membership
  • Access the side panel with all the related information as Type, Status, Priority, Due Date, Created By, Associated Items – Contact, Company, Event, Opportunity, Membership
  • Search by Task Name, Created by and Description
  • Check the Priority Indicator (red – high, yellow – normal, green – low)
  • Complete tasks by simply clicking on 
  • Export tasks fields to external excel file

Only General Tasks can be added from My Tasks Module

Priority Field was newly added

Assigned To* is the creator of the task by default


CRM Tasks can be added from Contact, Company or Opportunity Profiles.

Memberships Tasks can be added from Membership Profiles.



Events Tasks can be added from Team & Planner/Task Planner in each event created.


The new section “My Tasks” is available in the Roles & Permissions where you can limit access for each role.


Complete Tasks by marking them ✓ from widgets in your Home Dashboard.

Only incomplete Tasks are shown on widgets, following the order:

  1. Due Date
  2. To Be Completed by
  3. Priority
  4. Created date