Now you can get Your Own Version of ‘My Glue’ All-in-one Mobile app!

Give your attendees and members an easy way to engage, network, and receive important information no matter where they are.

Create an engaging experience aligned with your branding requirements, including:

  • Custom login screen
  • Fonts & Colors
  • Logos
  • Customizable Layouts

If you’re interested, Book A Demo Here


If you have already purchased it, below are the requirements you need to provide to your CS manager.

App name (mandatory)

It will be displayed on the device’s desktop or app drawer and below the app icon.

If the App name is in English (Latin alphabet), the length should be less than or equal to 10 characters, including space.

If it’s in Chinese, the length should be less than or equal to 6 characters.

If it’s in any other languages, please check with your CS manager.


App icon (mandatory)

It will be displayed on the device’s desktop or app drawer and above the app name.


1024×1024 square .png image (with NO rounded corner)


2 images: for the app icon’s background and foreground.

The background can be a color of your choice (please provide the color value as it’s shown below) or an image (clear as possible).

The foreground can be an image or text, SVG format is recommended.


Please provide the following versions of your Logo

  • logo alone
  • logo with name
  • a version suitable for light background
  • a version suitable for dark background

To be able to resize it, a vector image is recommended (SVG format), or an image with 512px as width and height.

The logo will be used for:

  • launcher
  • sign in/up
  • empty view
  • description

By default, the app will use Ubuntu font, but you can provide us your preferred font.

Please be aware that we can only use a font with an ‘open’ license or a font owned by you (we will need an authorization doc to use it).


Short description for download pages on App Store and Google Play
  • Short Description / Promotional Text – Less than or equal to 80 characters (not words), For exmaple: “The ultimate mobile hub for your events and membership experience.”
  • Long Description – Less than or equal to 4000 characters (not words).