Event Waitlist is the newest addition to the Events module. Enabling the waitlist feature allows attendees to register for an event when tickets are no longer available, e.g., tickets of a certain kind are sold out, or event attendee capacity has already been reached. Depending on the settings, attendees on the waitlist will be allotted tickets if there are cancellations or the host raises the event’s attendee capacity.


How to Enable the Event Waitlist

Follow the steps below to enable the waitlist function for your event:

  1. Under “1. Setup”, click on “Registration Settings.”
  2. Select “Waitlist,” then check the box next to “Enable Waitlist.”
  3. Select the scenarios where the waitlist should apply: 
    • When a ticket sells out: checking this box allows you to select the types of tickets that allow waitlisting.
    • When the total event capacity is reached

The “Waitlist Allowance” box allows you to set a cap for the number of attendees admitted to the waitlist. 


To view the attendees on the waitlist and allocate tickets, click on the waitlist tab in the “Attendee List” section. This tab is only available once the waitlist function is enabled. From the three dots next to a line item, event administrators can:

  • Release Ticket: Allocates a ticket to the registrant
  • Delete: Removes the registrant, effectively declining their registration
  • Edit: Allows the organization admin to make changes to the registration 
  • Add Note
  • View Registration


When the admin/event manager try to change the capacity of event, Glue Up provides an option to automatically release the tickets by the order of time joined on the wait list.Once the admin/event manager confirms the action, tickets are released.The system also allows for manual release of the tickets.


In Public event page, which from the perspective of end users, they can register the event which enable the wait
list now.


System Emails

To Event Managers

Sold Out Notification

A system email when the event is sold out to be areminder for event manager to change the capacity or do something for this event.

Reminder to check the wait list.

If there are end users in the wait list, we will set up a system email sent to them every day 9am (based on their time zone), to make sure they don’t forget to
deal with them.

To End Users

Wait list confirmation

When they successfully joined in wait list, they will get a system email tell they are in the wait list now.

Registration confirmation

When they got tickets from the event manger, they will jump into the registration workflow, and receive the registration confirmation once they finish it.

My Glue

On My Glue, when the attendee joined in the wait list, they will see the registration information of that event, and shows the status as on the wait list.