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    1. What does Churned memberships mean?
    ExpiredCancelledExpired + Cancelled
    2. When is 'Create New Version' button used?
    When you want to change the current duration of the membership typeWhen you want to change the current duration and the pricing of the membership typeWhen you want to change the current workflow of the membership type
    3. What is the differences between Admin contact and Primary member?
    Unlike the Primary member, Admin contact cannot add or delete other membersOnly Primary member can complete the renewal of the membershipOnly Primary member can edit the membership informationAll of the above
    4. Can you have a different Invoice prefix, number for Membership applications and renewals?
    Yes, I can set custom invoice and receipt preferences in Invoice & Billing.Yes, it’s automatic on the systemNo, it’s not customizable
    5. If you have enabled Approval before the payment for Applications and Renewals, when does the invoice goes out to members?
    Before approvalAfter approval
    6. How to change the Primary member of a Corporate membership?
    Go to Contacts - find the contact you want to make the Primary member - press changeGo to membership profile of the company - members details - (3 dots) Transfer the Primary member role.
    7. Can you hide a member from the membership directory?
    Yes, it can be hidden by the organization from the membership profile on the platform or the member can hide it from his My Glue UpNo, it cannot be hidden. The membership directory is public and the visibility of members cannot be adjusted
    8. How can I delete a membership?
    Go to Memberships, select the membership you want to delete, press on DeleteAsk help to delete itMemberships cannot be deleted, they can only be cancelled from the each Membership profile - Membership Details
    9. How can I change the email address of the member who already registered Glue Up account (has a green icon)?
    Go to Contacts, fill in the new email address and save it.Ask help to change itThe email address of the member cannot be changed.
    10. If the organization has purchased the Communities, can members create their own groups?
    Yes, the members can create any groupsNo, the groups can only be controlled by the Organization
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