Customizing Your Contact Form

Your ‘Contact Form’ allows you to collect and enter pertinent data related to any contact saved within Glue Up. Glue Up provides you with a basic contact form template, which you can update with additional fields.


Field Settings

Glue Up has provided several standard fields that you can add and remove from your forms- they are labeled as ‘Existing Fields’. Under ‘Field Settings’, you can create additional, customized fields to be used in your different forms across the platform (Contact Form, Membership Application Form, Event Registration Form). You can access your ‘Field Settings’ by selecting the gear ⚙️ icon at the top right of your screen.

Types of Custom Fields

Once in ‘Field Settings’, first select whether you are adding a ‘Contact Field’ (meaning individual contact), or ‘Company Field’.  Secondly, select ‘Add Custom Field’ to start the process of creating the field.

See the available Custom Field Types below:

  • Short Text: For single line, short text entries.
  • Comment Box: For longer, descriptive entries.
  • Email: For adding email addresses beyond their primary email address. Therefore, these additional emails are not the primary email identifier for the contact.
  • Phone: For phone numbers, including the country code.
  • Social media accounts: For custom Social media accounts displaying logo.
  • Link: For URL links (website addresses).
  • Date: For Calendar format selection.
  • Time: For Hour and Minute selection.
  • Single Choice: Adds a question that can only be answered with a single choice selection. Choose drop-down or radio button design.
  • Multiple Choice: Adds a question where multiple options can be selected. Choose drop-down or check box design.
  • Cascading Choice: check this article for more information on Cascading multiple choice.
  • Single File Upload: Upload a single file.
  • Multiple File Upload: Upload 1 or more files.

Once saved, find these custom fields under ‘Existing Fields’ on the ‘Contact Form’.


TIP: If you create a ‘Custom Field’ while in the ‘Event Registration Form’, you are creating a one time, single use ‘Custom Field’ and it is not saved with your existing ‘Custom Fields’ for future use. Therefore, if you want to reuse the field on other forms, follow the steps above under ‘Contact Settings’.

TIP: When adding a field to your ‘Contact Form’, you have several options available under the edit tool (pencil icon).

  • ‘Mandatory’: You must fill in this field to complete the ‘Contact Form’. In addition, this also applies to team members manually adding contacts into Glue Up.
  • ‘Private’: Add Information as an internal note- meaning, the field is editable and visible only to your team members.
  • ‘Full Width Display’: Allows you to change the way the field fits on the ‘Contact Form’ itself.