Managing payments

All payments can be tracked for any completed transaction processed with the Glue Up platform. Receipts are automatically generated after each payment and you can choose to deliver a receipt automatically after a purchase. Only team members that have access to the Finance module can view and edit payments.
image.jpg Sorting payments with the list selector

You can sort payments in the main screen of the Finance module’s Payments section by clicking the down arrow that is part of the list selector. The list selector defaults to All Payments when you first arrive on the main screen. List selector options include:

  • All Payments – This displays all valid and voided payments.
  • All Completed Payments – This displays all completed transactions.
  • All Voided Payments – This displays all invalid transactions.
  • Smart Lists: If you filter payments in the Finance module, you can save your filtered list as a smart list. After you save a smart list, it can be used to sort payments as an option in the list selector. Click here to learn more about creating a smart list.

Managing payments with quick-access icons

You can also use any of the quick-access icons to manage any of your organization’s payments. Quick-access icons include:

  • Search: Click the magnifying glass icon to quickly search payments.
  • Filter: Click the filter icon to narrow your search results. For more information about filtering your search, click here.
  • Export: Click the export icon to download all payments included in your search or filtered list.
  • Show/Hide Columns: Click the show/hide icon and select Manage displayed columns to customize your table display. The payment table can be sorted by default fields. Default fields include: Payment ID #, Payment Date, Payer, Amount, Payment Method, Status, Void Date, Voided By, and Void Reason.

Tip: If you want to update any finance settings, click the show/hide icon and select Manage Finance Settings. This will redirect you to the Finance Settings section.

Fast actions for payments

In the main screen of the Finance module’s Payments section, you can click the three dots icon in the row of your desired payment to perform fast actions related to that payment:

  • Edit: This will take you to the payment’s edit page.
  • Resend Receipt: This lets you resend a receipt to the related contact. The notification includes an attached PDF of the receipt.
  • Download PDF: This lets you download the receipt to your device.
  • Void Payment: This will void a payment.

If you click in the middle of a row, a side panel will pop out with an overview of the payment information. This panel also provides action items such as edit, download PDF, resend receipt, and void payment. Additionally, you can click the origin link, it will redirects you to the respective event registration or membership profile page. The panel also provides an origin link, payment date, transaction amount, payment method, payee contact details and related invoice information.

Managing multiple payments simultaneously

In the main screen of the Finance module’s Payments section, tick one or more checkboxes – located next to the payment ID numbers – to select multiple payments. Click the Download PDF at the top of the main screen to download all items in your selection to your device, or click the down arrow that is part of the Download PDF button to resend a receipt to the related contacts all at once.

Editing payments

Payment information can be edited by clicking a three dots icon in the row of your desired payments and clicking Edit. Because payments are transactions that are already complete, you can only edit the internal note, the message displayed on the receipt, and attachments. If you attach a file to the payment and tick the ‘Attach to email’ checkbox, the attachment will be delivered to the payee’s inbox when a receipt is delivered. Be sure to click the Save button when you are finished.