Managing invoices

Invoices can be generated for payments processed with the Glue Up platform. All required fields in the Finance Settings section must be completed before invoices can be generated. Only team members who have access to the Finance module can view and edit invoices.

Sorting invoices with the list selector

You can sort invoices in the main screen of the Finance module’s Invoices section by clicking the down arrow that is part of the list selector. The list selector defaults to All Invoices when you first arrive on the main screen. List selector options include:

  • All Open Invoices: This displays all open invoices in the platform.
  • All Overdue Invoices: This displays all open invoices that are past due.
  • All Paid Invoices: This displays all invoices that have been paid.
  • All Draft Invoices: This displays all custom invoices that have been created, but have not been approved.
  • All Voided Invoices: This displays all invoices that have been voided.
    • An invoice can only be voided if it has not been paid.
  • Smart Lists: If you filter invoices in the Finance module, you can save your filtered list as a smart list. After you save a smart list, it can be used to sort invoices as an option in the list selector. Click here to learn more about creating a smart list.



Managing invoices with quick-access icons

You can also use any of the quick-access icons to manage any of your organization’s invoices. Quick-access icons include:

  • Search: Click the magnifying glass icon to quickly search invoices.
  • Filter: Click the filter icon to narrow your search results.
  • Export: Click the export icon to download all invoices included in your search or filtered list.
  • Show/Hide Columns: Click the show/hide icon and select Manage displayed columns to customize your table display. The invoice table can be sorted by default fields. Default fields include: Invoice Number, Issue Date, Due Date, Origin, Total, Balance Due, Status, Amount Paid, Membership ID, Event ID, Related Order ID, Account, Void Date, Void Reason, and Voided By.

Tip: If you want to update any finance settings, click the show/hide icon and select Manage Finance Settings. This will redirect you to the Finance Settings section.


Fast actions for invoices

In the main screen of the Finance module’s Invoices section, you can click the three dots icon in the row of your desired invoice to perform fast actions related to that invoice:

  • Edit: This will take you to the invoice’s edit page.
  • Resend Invoice: This lets you resend an email notification to the related contact. The notification includes an attached PDF of the invoice.
  • Download PDF: This lets you download the invoice to your device.
  • Add Payment: This lets you select an online or offline payment for the invoice. Once submitted, the invoice will be marked as paid.
  • Void Invoice: This will void an invoice that has not been paid.
  • Approve Draft: This will approve a draft custom invoice.
  • Delete: This will delete a draft invoice from the Finance module. All information related to the invoice will be lost.


Managing multiple invoices simultaneously

In the main screen of the Finance module’s Invoice section, tick one or more checkboxes – respectively located next to the invoice numbers – to select multiple invoices. Click the Download PDF at the top of the main screen to download all items in your selection to your device, or click the down arrow that is part of the Download PDF button to resend an invoice to the related contacts all at once.


Editing invoices

Invoice information can be edited by clicking a three dots icon in the row of your desired invoice and clicking Edit. You can add or delete invoice recipients, edit billing address information, adjust the issue and due dates, add and delete invoice items (when an invoice is unpaid), add attachments, and make changes to additional information displayed on the invoice. Be sure to click the Save button when you are finished.


Custom Invoice Categories

In order to support more detailed invoice classifications, the Glue Up platform now allows admin users to create Custom Invoice Categories. This enables our customers to organize invoices more easily for taxation purposes. To learn more about Custom Invoice Categories click here.