You can configure your Tax Settings in the Invoices & Billings section of the Other Settings. Here you can click the Add Tax button to add a tax that is relevant to your organization.


It is important to note that when you Add in a Tax, by default that tax will apply to all countries. You can edit the countries that a particular tax applies to by selecting the blue change button towards the bottom of the Add Tax window. For existing taxes that you have configured you can Edit or Delete by clicking on the three dots next to that particular tax.

Once you have configured the taxes in the Tax Settings, you can apply those taxes in Event and/or Membership Type set up.


Tax Configuration in Event Set Up

In the 01 Set Up section of the event’s dashboard under Payment Options, you can add in applicable taxes for that particular event. It is important to note that by default, the selected tax will be applied to all of this particular event’s tickets. You can remove the applied tax for a particular ticket or tickets, by editing the ticket and deleting the tax. When an attendee registers for the event the applicable taxes will be applied based on the attendee’s country. For more information on Event Set up please feel free to review the Events Module Guide.


Tax Configuration for Membership Types

When setting up a Membership Type in the Membership Settings you can configure applicable taxes in the second step of the Membership Type set up. After you fill in the General Information for the Membership Type, you can define currencies, pricing and Taxes in the Price Configuration step.

Once the Membership Type is set up and activated, the applicable tax will be applied when the applicant (end user) completes the Membership Application. For more information on Membership configuration please feel free to review the Memberships Module Guide.