Firstly, check:

  • Have you configured DNS and verified the sender email? Read more

Secondly, to prevent emails from getting into spam, please avoid replicating spammer behavior by following these instructions in your future campaigns:

  • initiate interest of the recipients. For example, send targeted campaigns and at the right time.
  • avoid bad feedback from the recipients. If you noticed that the recipient is not showing much interest in receiving campaigns, remove them from the list prior to confirming with them. In the long term, it will positively influence your campaigns.
  • avoid spam trigger words. For example, “free access”, “call now”, “great offer”. Lists of such words can be found online.
  • avoid spam trigger patterns. For example, poorly designed HMTL campaigns, emails overloaded with pictures, or only 1 picture email with no text.

Additionally, even if the campaign got into spam ask the recipient to:

  • mark it as not spam or move to inbox
  • whitelist your sender domain/email address and IP address