The open rate might be low if:

  • emails didn’t reach inbox or went to spam
  • recipients are not interested in the content or receive too many emails, so they do not open them
  • recipients open emails but do not preview pictures

Over the time the open rate tends to decrease. If the open rate decreases slightly, it is quite normal and regular emails do not cause as much interest as the new campaigns. If the open rate decreases significantly, work towards increasing the open rate with the tips below.

How to improve the open rate?

Firstly, check:

  • Have you verified sender email? Read more
  • Have you chosen the sender email in the campaign setup? Read more
  • Have you configured DNS for your sender domain? Read more

Secondly, if you recently changed your layout or marketing campaigns strategy you might want to reconsider it. Otherwise:

  • Make sure you are sending campaigns at a consistent volume. If you promise to send once per week, do not start sending it every day. Increase the volume steadily and make sure to inform the recipients of changes prior to that and receive their consent.
  • Send at the time when most recipients would read it.
  • Send relevant content that is of interest to your target groups. Sending relevant content make recipients interact more with the campaigns.