Add the additional field by going to Organization Settings>>Contact Settings and click Contact Forms. Click the link+Add
Custom Field. Once the list of fields is displayed, click the Add Custom Field button on the top right. Fill up the fields and
click Submit. Click the Contact Form on the left, scroll, and look for the newly added Custom Field. Highlight the custom
field and drag it onto the form. Click the Save button once done.

Prepare the excel template and make sure that the newly added Custom Field is added as one of the columns (the
Custom Field must be the header of the column).
To import the data, go to Contacts>>click the arrow down button next to Add Contact and select Import Contacts. Select
the radio button whether your spreadsheet Contain Headers (system selects the header automatically) or Does Not
Contain Headers (manually choose the headers). Click the Select Headers button after. Match Excel Columns to
Contacts Fields. Select the Data Import Options – select either Do Not Overwrite Any Related Data or Overwrite Any
Related Data. Click the Finish Import button.

Follow the steps on how to Import and Export contacts as stated on our help