Similar to the open rate, the click rate might be low if:

  • emails didn’t reach inbox or went to spam

Might also be that:

  • links are not evident for the recipient to click
  • recipients are not interested or do not have time to read more information, so they do not click any links

The click rate is normally much lower than the open rate of the same campaign. The primary reason is that an average recipient receives dozens and hundreds of emails per day and simply does not have time to click on every email they receive.

How to improve the click rate?

Firstly, ensure the deliverability of the email campaigns by checking the below:

  • Have you verified sender email? Read more
  • Have you chosen the sender email in the campaign setup? Read more
  • Have you configured DNS for your sender domain? Read more

Secondly, to improve the click rate, please, follow instructions below:

  • Send at the time when most recipients would click it
  • Send relevant content that is of interest to your target groups.
  • Add call-to-action button.
  • Add more pictures to campaign and attach the links to them. Read more in TIPS&TRICKS here