In this video we introduce you on how to use multiple advanced features from the event module. These include:

Saved Venues

You can manage your preferred venues and save them, especially those you use the most often, so you can simply add them in one click for future events. You can save the pin on the map, the address and additional notes / attachments.

Event Tags

Use of tags can have multiple functions. Since these can be publicly displayed or privately used, it is up to the user how it can be most useful. Create tags for different topics, industries, specific requirements or conditions of the events. Here are a few examples: ‘Member Only’ / ‘Press not allowed’ / ‘Meal included with ticket’ / ‘ID required’ or ‘Food & Beverage’ / ‘Tourism’ / ‘Human Rights’ / ‘Women in Business’ / etc. you get the idea. Here are a few examples of how you could benefit from tags:

  • if kept private, tags can help you to: make reports and annually. You could also use them for the widgets and API, to filter those events you wish to publish or keep private on your website.
  • if displayed publicly: then it becomes an indicator, a banner, to clearly communicate relevant information to your attendees so they can see it at a glance (check examples in the above paragraph)

Badge Design

If you are going to use badges, you can further explore the setup and the requirements to print those if you wish to print them onsite. In the below video we just show you how to input data from the registration or event. Note that in terms of designs there are more options not covered in the video, which include adding color shapes / images / other static text or logos / change the font / etc.