A hybrid event is an event where attendees can either join online or participate offline. In this article, you can find a few tips and best practices on using the Glue Up platform for publishing your hybrid events.


Which event type to select? Online or offline?

There are only two event types available when creating an event on the Glue Up platform: online and offline. Therefore, if you wish to publish a hybrid event, you need to choose one of the options below, each of which has its pros and cons:


  • Since the webinar link is easily accessible on an online event page, this event type presents a significant advantage for online attendees.
  • Selecting ‘Online Event’ is the only option if you wish to use the Webinar Engagement Solution; You will not have access to these add-on features on an offline event.


  • The offline venue field will not appear on the registration emails. Therefore, the address of the venue needs to be separately shared with the offline attendees.


  • Those who wish to attend the event in person will not unnecessarily receive a link to the online event.
  • The address will appear under the venue section on registration emails.


  • The link to the online event will not appear on the registration page or in automated system emails. Therefore, the organizer needs to share the link to the webinar separately.


Tips and best practices

Make sure to segment your attendees

In order to send more targeted campaigns and event reminders, it is essential to know if an attendee will join online or in person. There are two ways to differentiate these two on the platform:

  • Create two ticket types, possibly with different prices, one for those who wish to join online and another for offline attendees.
  • On the registration form, add a single choice field with the question ‘How do you wish to attend?’, where registrants need to choose if they wish to join online or offline.


Make sure to send the right event reminders

Schedule to send separate targeted email campaigns to the online and offline attendees of the event, either based on the ticket type or the question on the registration form. Make sure to include clear instructions on where and how to join your event.

Note 1: to avoid confusion, you can disable the automatic event reminders and replace them with scheduled targeted campaigns.
Note 2: to send targeted campaigns to attendees based on the ticket type they have purchased, you first need to export the filtered list of each ticket type and then reimport them as a ‘Contact List’. For more information, please email us at customersuccess@glueup.com.


If necessary, include all information needed to join both online and offline on the event page

Customize your event page to include detailed instructions on how to join the event online or offline. That way, in case they are unsure, registered attendees can use your event page as a reference to decide which method fits them best.


Make sure to have a dedicated staff present to assist both online and offline attendees.