Setting up your event team and task planner

Your event’s management team and task planner can be accessed in the Event Management left sidebar navigation menu after entering an event. Click the Team & Planner section to manage your event team and planner.

Adding and deleting members of your event team

Click the ‘+ Add Team’ button or ‘+ Add Team Member’ button to add one or more members of your organization to your event team. If you want to delete a team or team member, simply click on the x icon located next to the team or team member’s name.
Tip: A complete list of your organization’s team members can be found by clicking the double-gear icon located in the platform’s top navigation bar to open the Organization Settings dropdown. In the dropdown’s Account Settings column, select Team Members.

Adding and deleting temporary event staff

Temporary event staff accounts are designed for people who are assisting your team with event registration and check-in processes. In the Onsite Tool Kit section, click the Onsite Registration Staff tab to manage your event’s temporary staff. Click the + Add Onsite Registration Staff button to add a new temporary staff member and input the account holder’s email address, first name, and last name to complete account setup. You can manage a temporary event staff account by clicking the related three dots icon. Options include disabling the account, resetting the account password, or removing the account from the event team.
Important: Temporary event staff accounts do not have access to any other parts of the Glue Up platform.

The task planner can help keep your event logistics efficient. In the Team & Planner section, click the Task Planner tab to manage event tasks. Click the + Add Task button to add and assign tasks to any member of your event team.