Note: For more information about our Zoom Integration or the Webinar Engagement Solution, please refer to their corresponding articles. 

To publish an online event on the platform, click on the Events module’s green + Create Event button and select Online Event. Then, under Webinar Type, select the type of webinar that you wish to publish from the dropdown menu. Depending on which solutions you have purchased, there are several different webinar types you can choose from:

To publish an online event on the platform using a custom link, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Create your Online Event on a Third-party Platform

First, create and schedule your event using a third-party platform, e. g.  GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Webex, etc. Copy the URL link to your meeting and continue to step two.


Step 2: Publish the Event on Glue Up

Then, under ‘Webinar Type’, select ‘Custom Link Webinar’ from the dropdown menu and paste the URL link of your meeting in the box next to it. This link will appear on all system emails related to this event, including registration confirmation emails and event reminders.



The Webinar Engagement Solution (Zoom) is a Glue Up add-on feature that allows you to deliver a webinar experience to your attendees within the Glue Up ecosystem. Click here to learn more.


This add-on feature randomly and automatically matches attendees for a one-on-one meeting. As a result, attendees at this kind of event have a chance to meet and exchange virtual business cards with as many of the participants as they wish. Click here to read more.


Glue Up Webinar is an add-on feature independent of Zoom or any other webinar platform. It is a perfect fit for hosting large online events with thousands of attendees and multiple speakers. Click here to learn more.


  • Removing the e-ticket from the confirmation email: Since an e-ticket might seem unnecessary for an online event, you can click on Registration Options under Registration Settings and remove it from confirmation and reminder emails.
  • Make sure to set the maximum attendee capacity according to your online attendee allowance.
  • Making sure you have selected the correct time zone for your event is extremely important for online events.
  • Setting an email reminder one hour before the event starts is highly recommended.
  • To feature a countdown timer on your event page, you can use the café mocha template.
  • Enable the Event Community to allow your attendees to interact [available after registering a Glue Up account]. Setting the account creation option as ‘Mandatory’ is strongly encouraged when using the event community feature.
  • Upload documents to prepare your attendees for the event: You can attach documents to specific sessions under Content > Agenda [you will first upload the respective files under Content > Document].
  • Go mobile: Ask your attendees to download the Glue Up app to enjoy the Event community, access the event documents, and further engage with your organization by staying updated on future activities and communications.
  • Collect feedback: Use Glue Up survey tools to improve your future sessions!
  • Sharing the recording: To share a recording of an online event after the event has already ended, you can either send out an email campaign to a select group of recipients with a link to the recording or input that link on the event page (e.g., under event summary) for everyone to download.


To enhance your attendee’s experience, check out our full Webinar Engagement Solution: