Creating an Event Survey

You can create and send surveys to the attendees of your events using the Glue Up platform. Follow the simple steps below to learn how you can do so.

To create an event survey, on the Event Management page, under Follow Up, select ‘Surveys’. Then, click on the green ‘+ Create Survey’ button.



On the following window, choose a title for the survey, select the survey category and add a short description. Then, click on ‘Create’ to continue.


Creating an event survey is divided into four steps: (1)Build Survey, (2)Add Recipients, (3)Distribution Settings, and (4)Check List.

Build Survey

In this step, you customize the content of your survey by adding questions, text, dividers, etc. By using ‘Rating Fields’, you can ask your recipients to rate a specific aspect of your event using stars, hearts, or thumbs-ups. There are also a variety of sample questions available for you to choose from. By clicking the arrow next to the green ‘Save & Continue’ button and selecting ‘Preview in Browser’, you can see how your survey looks like before moving to the next step.


Add Recipients

In this step, you select the recipients whom you would like to receive this survey. For example, by selecting ‘Active Members’, this survey would only be sent out to attendees who are also active members of your organization.

Important: If you do not select any category, the survey goes out to all event attendees. 

Schedule Distribution

In this step, you need to enter a subject line and a preview text for both the survey and the survey reminder emails to improve their open rate.

You can also select:

  • when to distribute the survey
  • time of the reminders
  • the deadline for the survey (If you do not select the expiry date, the survey closes after 45 days)
  • submission settings

Check List

Finally, you can review the details and schedule the survey by clicking the ‘Schedule’ button.


  • You can send/schedule a maximum of 3 surveys per event.
  • You can send out event surveys before, during, or after the event.
  • You cannot schedule a survey if the event end date and time are not set up.
  • You can choose to close the survey anytime.