In the Tickets & Discounts section you will create a ticket using the +Add Ticket button in the top right of your screen .

General Information

  • Add the ticket name
  • Add a ticket description
  • Select to show on public event pages

Registration Form

  • Select the registration form previously created. If you don’t select any, the default form will be used


If you select a Group Ticket, instead of individual, the only difference is thet you must select the number of attendess and can limit the number of available tickets.

First price option

  • Select the price type: standard, door price or free
  • Select one currency
  • Add the price
  • Select if the ticket is only for members and you can either leave for all membership types or select specific memberships
  • Select if the ticket is early bird, and if so, add an expiration date and time
  • Limit or not the purchase quantity per registration, adding a minimum and maximum number

After you create your first ticket, you can also:

  • Create other types of tickets, using the option “Add Ticket”
  • Add other price options
  • Edit the current price
  • Move, changing the display order using the arrows icon
  • Edit all settings previously selected, except for the individual or group category, using the pencil icon
  • Delete the ticket using the trash can icon
  • Add discount codes

To add a discount click in the Add option and write the following information:


  • Discount Name
  • Discount code: the system will automatically display a random code, but you can delete and add the code you want
  • Percentage Discount
  • Limit the duration of the discount, setting the start and end date with time
  • Limit the number of uses, adding the maximum number
  • Limit ticket types for the discount to be applied