Tracking and exporting fapiaos for events (Event Module)

A fapiao is legal receipt that serves as proof of purchase for a good or service. The fapiao invoice system is an important part of tax law in China. All customers located in China can track fapiao information for all purchases as long as these are made in Chinese RMB.

Each event’s fapiaos can be managed in the Event module’s Finance section. After entering an event, the section can be found in the module’s left sidebar navigation menu.


Configuring fapiao settings for events

After entering an event, in the Payment Options subsection of Event Settings, you can configure settings for fapiao tracking. Available options include:

  • Fapiaos not required
  • Provide fapiaos without extra fees per purchase
  • Provide fapiaos with extra fees per purchase

Important: Glue Up does not issue fapiaos.


Sorting event fapiaos with list selectors

You can sort fapiaos by clicking the down arrow that is part of each list selector. Available list selectors include:

  • Status Selector
    • All Statuses: This displays all fapiaos.
    • Requested: This displays all requested fapiaos.
    • Printed: This displays all printed fapiaos.
    • Delivered: This displays all delivered fapiaos.
    • Canceled: This displays all canceled fapiaos.
  • Fapiao Selector
    • All Fapiaos: This displays all fapiaos.
    • VAT General: This displays all VAT General fapiaos.
    • VAT Special: This displays all VAT Special fapiaos.
  • Delivery Method Selector
    • All Delivery Methods: This displays all delivery methods.
    • Delivery at the Event: This displays all fapiaos delivered at events.
    • By Mail: This displays all fapiaos delivered by mail.
  • Date Selectors
    • The From Date and To Date selectors allow you to sort fapiaos according to date.


Managing event fapiaos with quick-access icons

You can use any of the quick-access icons to manage the table display. Quick-access icons include:

  • Search: Click the magnifying glass icon to quickly search fapiaos.
  • Export: Click the export icon to download all fapiaos included in your search.
    • When you click export, you will have the option to merge information for third-party fapiao tracking software.


Fast actions for event fapiaos

You can click the three dots icon in the row of your desired fapiao to perform fast actions related to the fapiao.

  • View Transaction Details: This takes you to the related registration page.
  • Printed: This will change the fapiao status to printed.
  • Delivered: This will change the fapiao status to delivered.
  • Canceled: This will change the fapiao status to canceled. This cannot be undone.