Setting up your event community

When you create an event, you can activate an event community to promote engagement among your attendees. Your attendees will be able to see who else is attending the event, add contact information to their favorites, and get a better grasp of what’s to come. Your attendees will be able to access all this information both in the Glue Up app and online platform. You can determine when to make the community active and choose which information will be visible to the attendees.

Activating event community and configuring the visibility

  • Once you have created an event, go to the Community subsection of Event Settings to activate and configure your event community.
  • Choose whether you want to activate the event community and determine when you want the community to appear.

image.jpg Important: The event community will automatically be activated by default. Attendee information fields will appear according to the CRM fields added to the event’s registration form.

Viewing an event community as an attendee

When an attendee views his or her event registration on the web, the attendee will be asked whether he or she wants to join the event community and share his or her event profile information. After joining, the attendee can view all other attendees in the community. If the attendee wants to track other attendees, he or she can favorite profiles as needed. If he or she wishes to hide his or her event profile, he or she can click the ‘View My Attendee Profile‘ button and turn on the switcher at the bottom of the page to hide the profile. These functions are also available in the Glue Up app.