Rescheduling or Canceling Events

If you, for any reason, would like to reschedule or cancel an already published event on Glue Up, there are a few things that you can do. Please read the guide below to learn more.

If you are considering moving an offline event online, please refer to this article.

Keep your attendees informed

  • Canceling or postponing an event can be inconvenient not only for the organizers but also for the attendees. Therefore, make sure you keep your attendees updated by sending timely event campaigns, informing them of any date changes or cancellations.
  • To do so, after selecting the event, go to ‘Promote’> ‘Campaigns’> ‘+ Add Campaign‘ and create an ‘Event Notification‘. Make sure to include ‘Event Registrants‘ in your recipients.
  • You can target your recipients based on different criteria. (e.g., paid/non-paid registrants)
  • Inform the event attendees about your organization’s refund/exchange policy and provide clear instructions on how to proceed.
  • For refunds, make sure to follow the void payment and void invoice guidelines to ensure your finance-related data on the platform is up to date.


To Reschedule an Event: Change the Event Date on the Platform

  1. In the Event Management section, under Setup, go to ‘Event Settings‘> ‘General Settings‘ and update the date. Changing the date will not affect the existing registrations.
  2. Ensure all time-sensitive elements, including the Event Agenda, Early Bird Tickets, etc., are updated accordingly.

In Case of an Event Cancellation: Disable Registration

  1. Do not un-publish or archive the event as a first step.
  2. Instead, go to ‘Event Settings’ and click on ‘(Temporarily) disable registration for this event‘ – this will prevent additional registrations.
  3. Then, edit the event information:
    • Title: Add the word ‘Cancelled ‘to the event’s title – be aware that changing the event title will change the URL link of the event too, but the old link will still redirect visitors to the event public page.
    • Update the content and explain the reason for cancellation in the Summary section if necessary.
    • Add a Refund / Exchange claim procedure on the main page or a customized page.
    • Tip: take this opportunity to promote alternative events, such as webinars.
  4. Send a campaign to the already registered attendees to inform them of the updates.


In case your contract with Glue Up expires before the date you wish to postpone the event, make sure to reach out to our sales team and extend your contract.