This new update to My Glue privacy settings allows users to take control of the content they publish and decide who gets to interact with them through the platform.

To access your My Glue privacy settings, click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the My Glue page and then select Settings. On the following page, select “Privacy” from the left-hand menu. 


Who can view my profile:

Allows you to select the level of visibility of your profile. Options include:

  1. Public: Anyone with a Glue Up account and access to the Community can view your profile.
  2. Members in Organization: Only users with an active membership in the host organization can view your profile.
  3. Only Me: Your profile information is only visible to yourself.

Who can send me business cards:

Allows you to select the target audience that is permitted to share digital business cards with you.

Who can direct message me:

Allows you to select the target audience that can send you direct messages on My Glue.


Exclude Individuals:

By adding an individual to the Exclusion List, you will not allow them to see your community posts and My Glue profile, nor will they be able to send you direct messages or business cards.


Note 1: Adding someone to the exclusion list does not notify the excluded person.

Note 2: Community privacy settings can be configured inside each individual Community.